Established in 1881, The Clarence Brewery was a prosperous enterprise renowned for its production of local beers such as 'Bulldog Beer' and 'Red Crab Stout'. Despite the beer's widespread acclaim among NSW hotels, the Brewery confronted various obstacles over time, including changes in ownership and difficulties sourcing ingredients. Authorities in 1885 lauded the beer's quality, as it garnered significant demand from hotelkeepers in the Clarence and Richmond regions, with substantial quantities being shipped to Sydney. Surprisingly, the Brewery's demise in 1902 resulted from the cessation of brewing operations.

The Brewery underwent a significant transformation by 1915, evolving into a dual residency with a central arched entryway. For a brief period, it even served as a boarding house. In the late 1970s, a comprehensive restoration project entirely revitalized the building, earning it recognition from the National Trust due to its historical importance.

Presently, ceramic artist Romy Bennie and her partner Brad Smith have assumed responsibility as custodians of the Brewery since 2022. They wholeheartedly invite visitors to immerse themselves in the distinctive allure of the structure, which features numerous original attributes, including the preserved arched entryway that once facilitated the transportation of barrels and casks to the rear stables via horse-drawn carts.

Prominent heritage characteristics also include the enduring presence of original timber floors, an ornate timber staircase, weathered stone and brick walls, expansive verandahs, lofty ceilings, captivating stone fireplace surrounds, and elegant cast-iron lacework. Moreover, a wine cellar with convenient trap door access and eight cellars spanning the entire length of the building further contribute to its historical significance.